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Touchstone Garden Centre Roses


Roses deservedly have the title Queen of the Flowers.

Originating from China, the earliest modern rose was the tea rose. With centuries of breeding, modern roses today, flower continuously from spring to autumn. There are single, semi double and double flowered forms in every colour imaginable, many with fragrance beyond belief.

Description :

  • Roses come in all types, shapes, colours and uses
  • An ever popular addition to the garden, renowned for their summer blooms and fragrance
  • Main types include hybrid tea, floribunda, old fashioned, David Austin
  • They come as climbing, rambling, bush, standard, patio, groundcover
  • Flowers come in almost all colours including blue and brown tones
  • An all time favourite enjoying a resurgence in popularity


  • Plant in mixed borders
  • Over archways and pergolas
  • On fences, over garden sheds, through large trees
  • As groundcovers, on banks and over walls
  • s standards
  • In pots and containers
  • Good for floral art


  • Full sun
  • Good clay loam soil with summer water holding capacity
  • Give slow release food at planting and follow-up with Rose fertiliser in spring and mid-late summer
  • Deep watering in dry summer periods
  • Spray for pests and diseases during growing period
  • Main pests are: Aphids, White scale, Mites – spray with Shield or Super Shield
  • Main diseases are : Downy Mildew, Black Spot, Powdery Mildew – spray with Yates Greenguard
  • Prune in winter to maintain shape and encourage flowering

Popular Varieties:

It would be impossible to list all the popular varieties here as there are now hundreds of roses available. The following list picks out some of the most popular.

Bush Hybrid T (Tall large flowers) Aotearoa Pale Pink - Fragrant
  Double Delight Red & Cream - Fragrant
  Elina Yellow
  Just Joey Pink - Fragrant
  Loving Memory Red
Bush Floribuna (Cluster flowers) Friesia Yellow - Fragrant
  Iceberg White
  Margaret Merrill White - Fragrant
  Sexy Rexy Pink
  Trumpeter Red
Groundcover Flower Carpet Pink, white, yellow, apricot
Climbing Bantry Bay Pink Fragrant
  City of London Pale Pink
  Dublin Bay Red
Standard Roses Iceberg White
David Austin Graham Thomas Yellow

Season of availability:

  • Available in winter in dormant phase as bare rooted plants
  • In spring/summer as potted plants in bud and flower

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