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Varieties: Ilam Hardy, Desiree, Cliffs Kidney, Maris Anchor, Karaka, Rua, Rocket, Nadine, Agria, Red Rascal

Cultural Requirements

  • Warm, sunny position
  • Fertile, well drained soil – dig in plenty of compost when preparing soil
  • Add General Garden Food – 150gm/m²
  • Seed potatoes should be sprouted before planting – about 4 weeks prior to planting
  • Plant when sprouts are 1-2cm long
  • Remove all but 3 or 4 strong shoots
  • Plant in rows 5-cm deep (N.B. Rua should be planted shallow – 2cm deep) with sprouts pointing upwards
  • Space rows 60cm, potatoes 30 cm apart along each run
  • As plants grow, mound up soil around them – helps to keep sun off tubers and stops them turning green
  • Keep soil moist – especially at planting time
  • Avoid watering foliage if possible, to stop spread of disease

Pests & Diseases

  • Blight
    • Attacks early in season
    • Pale brownish lesions on leaves and stems, leading to collapse of foliage
  • Aphids
  • Potato Tuber Moth
    • Caterpillars bore into tubers making them worthless
    • May also mine / feed on leaves or exposed tubers

Pest & Disease Control

  • Blight
    • Champion Copper
    • Bravo
  • Aphids, Tuber Moth
    • Target
    • Confidor


Harvesting / Storing

  • Harvest early varieties when flowers fully open (3 months after planting)
  • Main crop and late varieties ready when foliage dies off
  • Dry thoroughly, place in shallow boxes in cool, dark position
  • Cover with dry sacks or sphagnum moss etc to keep out light


Variety Descriptions

Early Varieties

Ilam Hardy

  • Tubers oval to round, white skin and flesh
  • Good yield over wide variety conditions
  • Excellent for both boiling and frying
  • Early or main crop

Cliffs Kidney

  • Tubers kidney shaped, slightly pink skin, white flesh

Maris Anchor

  • Oval shape, white skin and flesh
  • Excellent cooking qualities
  • Excellent keeper
  • Suitable for main crop


  • New early variety
  • Round shaped tubers, white skin and flesh
  • Fastest producing of early varieties, ready in 60 -90 days


  • Round, white skin and flesh
  • Waxy boiling potato

Maincrop Varieties


  • Oval shape, red skin, yellow flesh
  • Needs fertile soils
  • Good all round cooker, excellent for chips


  • Oval to round, white skin and flesh
  • Excellent cooker – boil and bake
  • Heavy bearer in most soils


  • New variety – great all rounder
  • Excellent yield and taste
  • Grows well in all conditions


  • Oval, white skin, yellow flesh
  • Good for chips and baking

Red Rascal

  • Oval, red skin, white flesh
  • Good all purpose potato


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